Sympathetic characters with different competencies are living on the green planet called Wopparium. Our characters has landed to Earth to help kids to prepare them for the future. Let?s get to know them!
Agena Line

Agena: Science Character; will be a guide to children on sustainability. Its mission is to tell science-savvy children about the history of science and encourage new discoveries.

Sirius Line

Sirius: Technology Character; will help kids about new technological trends. Its mission is to teach that technology is as old as human history and as new as a product that is evolving now.

Spica Line

Spica: Engineering Character; will help children about the development of engineering disciplines. Its mission is to tell children that when a right path is chosen, it is possible to get as big facts as dreams.

Alpheca Line

Alphecca: Art Character; it will guide children in terms of art. Its mission is to expand and share the creation process, imagination and production techniques to remind the value of childhood at any age.

Rigel Line

Rigel: Math Character; will help kids about mathematical problems. Its mission is to guide kids to understand the infinity hidden behind mathematics and remind the importance of lifelong learning.


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