About Us

A brand that we will all know much better soon: Woppy

About Us

A brand that we will all know much better soon: Woppy

Once upon a time there was a passionate entrepreneur who wanted to change the world by transforming the mentality of children from consumption to production.

Every day, he worked on discovering and perfecting the right model so that these young children could discover themselves from an early age with the help of their parents. (eril)

But one day, this entrepreneur realized that providing educational play sets to thousands of children around the world was not an easy task.

Therefore, he worked harder and harder to provide the product supply needed to succeed despite what the critics said.

Therefore, he continued to improve his products and more and more children started playing with their parents in a very fun and educational way. Now he was one step closer to realizing his dreams.

He eventually realized he could transform even education, it wasn't just about playing anymore. It has become something bigger - it feels incredibly great for your inner hero to show you the future you dream of.


We believe in world citizenship, we believe in open source, we believe in cooperation, we believe in the inner potential of children.

We are Woppy and we have a passion to transform education!

We only design games for preschool children that will spark and stimulate their holistic intelligence development.
Game Creation Methodology
The 4C Method by Woppy
Image copyright Woppy Game Lab.

Triggers and Technology TrendsCollecting data from child-centered sources

Story FlowCreating a unique early age story flow

Cognitive TheoryChecking the link with cognitive theories

GamePackaging of all works by gamification

Our Values

Cognitive Development

Social Impact

World Citizenship


Our glossary when creating games.
General Skills

Cognitive Flexibility: The ability to create or use different sets of rules to combine or group things in different ways.

Creativity: The ability to generate unusual or smart ideas about a particular topic or situation, or to develop creative ways to solve a problem.

Visualization: The ability to imagine what something will look like after moving it or when parts are moved or rearranged.

Basic Skills

Active Learning: Understanding the implications of new knowledge for both current and future problem solving and decision making.

Technology Literacy: Using digital technology, communication tools and networks to access, manage, integrate, evaluate and create information.

Critical Thinking: Using logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, results, or approaches to problems.

Social Skills

Emotional Intelligence: Being aware of other people's reactions and understanding why they react.

Social Emotional Learning

Allow time to focus: Give children enough time and attention to focus on specific learning goals (for example, time to develop skills).

Develop a growth mindset: Provide appropriate praise that focuses on the child's efforts and learning process rather than praising the final results or the child's intelligence. Teach the child the theory of incremental intelligence, which teaches the child that intelligence is malleable, fluid, and changeable.

Help the child take advantage of his personality and strengths: Help the child understand his tendencies and temperament, and give children strategies to take advantage of strengths and deal with weaknesses.

Use a hands-on approach: Use teaching strategies that involve learning by doing so that children can actively participate in an activity, often including objects, materials, and other items.

Encourage empathy: Help children learn how to understand and openly share their feelings.

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Our team works on multidisciplinary research.
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Woppy: Technology Literacy Educational Game Sets

Woppy, educational game for children with sets; the future creative, productive citizens of the world to support the visionary aims. Woppy explore the world of card games with your children's imagination.