Artificial Intelligence Educational Game Set

The Artificial intelligence Game for creative kids aims to explain this concept to children from an early age with dance, which is an indispensable part of our daily life. Dance meets artificial intelligence, awesome. #kidsforfuture

Artificial Intelligence Educational Game Set


In order to warm up to the game, you can practice each dance card initially with your kid.


  • You must obey when to start dancing. (when one button is pressed)
  • You must do the moves in the right order as you are told.
  • You must do in the number of times you are told to.
  • You must stop when it is time & ring the bell


  • Make a choreograpy of dance moves putting them next to each other in the order you like.
  • You can repeat the same moves twice or three times if you put 'x2’ or ’x3’ key cards next to the dance move you want to be repeated.
  • Placing ’x2' or ’x3' in the end or in the beginning of a choreograpy means, the whole dance will be repeated in that number of times
  • Music is not essential but parents are advised to play music while playing this game to make it even more enjoyable. Music key card means ’end the dance when the music stops’ / keep dancing until the music stops. Using the ’music key kard’

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