Robotics Educational Game Set

The Robotics Game for creative kids is a game that you can play together with your children,which provides training in programming and code writing with a simple and fun method at home. Early awareness for coding and robotics. #kidsforfuture

Robotics Educational Game Set


Step 1: Each robot has 5 different code cards. Start by grouping each robot with its own code cards and place each group side by side with the code facing down.

Step 2: The child rolls the dice and starts the game. If the dice lands on one of the five robots, she picks up the first code card of that robot. If the dice lands on the side with Spica, she gets start with the robot of her choice.

Step 3: Once the code card is chosen, it is time to start programming! The child should place the programming cards in the right sequence with the code card in her hand.

She can place the programming cards in a single line or she can do it by placing them up or down according to the direction.

Step 4: The parent has to apply the program to the empty code card using the boardmarker

Step 5: Once the parent finds out which target the program leads to he will use the target pointer to select the correct target.

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