Green Economy Educational Game Set

Woppy Green Economy Game, the main building blocks of the "Circular Economy" are categorized in five different groups: agriculture, energy, transportation, recycling and green living areas. By creating small objects related to all these concepts, children are encouraged to learn about the building blocks of the green economy from an early ages and develop their imagination in parallel. Green future for all of us; passionately sustainable. #kidsforfuture

Green Economy Educational Game Set


Step 1: The box is opened and turned into a playground. Roads, lakes and green areas the placed.

Step 2: Stamps are put inside the bag.

Step 3: The family and the child pull out aout a stamp from the bag, the object is selected according to the color of stamp, and places it anywhere on the playground.

Step 4: After all the objects are located in the relevant areas on the city, the family and the child assign tasks to each other, respectively. The fastest performer wins the task. They are provided with a simple understanding of the Green Economy.

Step 5: At the end of the game, the family writes a letter to their child to open in 2040. The letter is placed in the envelope and sealed with the sticker.

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